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Product information

Under test, a double glazed window made with our profiles will achieve a rating of 30-40dB (decibels). Typical ambient sound measures around 60dB in suburban conditions, so your new windows will more reduce the noise by up to 50%, allowing you to relax undisturbed.


PVC-U is a very poor conductor of heat and therefore makes an excellent insulator. In the construction industry, a material's U-value measures its ability to insulate, with the lower value, the better the insulant. A typical old glazed window has a U-value of approximately 4.4W/m2K.


VEKA frames have been tested and proven to have a U-value of 1.3W/m2k, meaning our frames keep in nearly 80% more heat than typical older frames. This conserves energy and more importantly save you money on your heating bill.

Excellent thermal insulation saves you money

VEKA, Europe’s leading polymer producers, has been manufacturing profiles for uPVC windows over a period of decades.Their uPVC has a technically advanced formulation with special ingredients to enhance even further its performance in extreme temperatures while the white profile stays bright throughout its long life

Quality Through Time and Experience

In addition to in-house testing, all VEKA systems are tested by independent bodies such as the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the British Board of Agreement (BBA). Quality control is paramount with all factories operating to EN ISO 9001.

Fully certified for peace of mind

All our door and window hardware ie handles, letterboxes are metal and supplied by FAB&FIX, the number One suppler on the market. JLG do not use the inferior aluminum ones most companies use.


All JLG door panel's are 28mm thick and have MDF reinforcement and high quality iInsulation foam and are supplied by GAP the number One door panel suppler on the market

Door Panels

Windows will be reinforced with galvanised steel where either site or location makes this requirement. All doors are reinforced with galvanised steel as standard


The diverse range of our glazing options means you really can reflect your individual style and personality in your windows. Whether you want leaded, Georgian, clear, patterned or stained glass in your windows, we can help you choose the right look for your home and your budget.

Glazing options

With a high percentage of burglaries committed by opportunists on easy targets, no home owner nowadays can afford to neglect basic security precautions. With our systems, you can choose your own level of security to incorporate the latest locking systems. We will be able to provide you with details on a full range of security systems. For the safety conscious, tilt and turn windows provide a large unrestricted opening for use as an emergency exit.

Security & Safety

Designed specifically for the UK market’s variable weather conditions, VEKA profiles are manufactured in Burnley to exacting engineering guidelines, VEKA profiles combine beauty and security.

Made in the UK for the UK