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Solid Warm Roof Conservatory

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An obvious choice of tiling system...


The JLG Windows Solid Warm Roof is regularly specified for new-build and existing conservatories in preference to the equally as effective polycarbonate or glass roof. The quickness of time in which a Warm Roof can be crafted and fitted, not forgetting its effective performance, is a principle reason why it’s so frequently the preferred system chosen by conservatory owners. It’s a far speedier option than the installation of a home extension comprising full height brick walls and a standard roof covering. Undeniably, the Sold Warm Roof cannot replicate the views and brightness enjoyed through a polycarbonate roof, but this can be compensated for via the inclusion of centre pivot windows and mounted spotlights.

All the essential qualities of a Warm Roof are too numerous to mention...


An aesthetically-pleasing Warm Roof while all well and good, isn’t its primary purpose or function, it has so much more about it. Crafted using rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, its thermal efficient is top draw and it has an inherent ability to restrict heat loss so that the area sustains a comfortable temperature and remains useable at all times.

Centre pivot roof windows can work in tandem with a Solid Tiled Roof...


Any loss of natural sunlight as a consequence of the implementation of a Warm Roof can be overcome with the inclusion of one or more roof windows to help drive it into the necessary space in addition to any that filters through any windows and doors. The roof windows will keep you in close contact with the outside world and afford you glorious views of the sky above at any point of the day. They will also help ventilate the space which you will be particularly thankful for on those hot summer days when you don’t want to sacrifice spending time in the conservatory.

Our tiling solutions possess three essential qualities; strength, durability and toughness...


You have two separate choices when selecting a Warm Roof covering; lightweight tile and lightweight slate, both of which are completely weather-resistant. The tiles can be supplied in a choice of three colours, whilst the slate is near identical to traditional slate, boasting a similar visual appearance.

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