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Conservatory Roof Replacement

Installing a JLG conservatory replacement roof will turn your conservatory into a thermally efficient, year round space that develops your old, dated conservatory into a space that gives the impression of a true extension to your home.



We will remove and discard of your old, dated conservatory roof and replace it with one of our state of the art solid roofs.

The good thing about getting a roof replacement is we can use your existing conservatory frames and base, and install a roof that is bespoke made to those sizes. Making it a quicker, cheaper and more efficient method of converting your conservatory.


Leaking Roof?

Is your old polycarbonate conservatory roof leaking? Do you have issues with wind and rain getting in after many years of the roof being battered? Even more reason to get a roof replacement! Our replacement roofs are sturdy and will turn that leaky, windy space into an enjoyable, warm and dry space in a matter of days!

Clad Overs?

We do not do clad overs here at JLG Windows, and you should beware of them, even though they seem like a very good price - it's not as good as it seems.

Cladding over the old conservatory roof does not remove the original structure, it adapts it to "improve the roof thermally". However this isn't the case.

Cladding over a conservatory roof can damage the structural integrity of the roof, meaning more problems can arise such as leaks, cracked plaster or even worse, a collapsed roof.

Not to mention, if you ever come to sell your house, there will be issues with clad overs, as these are not roofs that will pass through a structural check should one be carried out.

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