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Solid Roof Conservatories

Is your conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Look no further than investing in a JLG installed Solid Roof Conservatory. Our solid roof conservatories create a beautiful living space for year round enjoyment while also adding value to your home.

A solid roof system removes the need for a glass system and instead uses a fully tiled, fully insulated and fully plastered roof which keeps the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer. Not to mention the increased speed at which the roof takes to install.


We have a wide choice of tiles available so your new roof can look exactly how you imagined.

The Tapco plastic slate is a lightweight, easy to install synthetic slate that has been moulded using an authentic slate - giving your roof that authentic slate look. These come in a range of different colours, so you can match your conservatory roof to the roof of your house!

The metal shingle tiles are another lightweight, easy to install tile that performs exceptionally well. The shingle textured-finish tile captures the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional shingles. Available in a variety of colours.


Understandably, due to the solid roof build, the conservatory may not be as bright as a poly/glass roof. Don't let this sway you though!

Integrating our high quality roof windows on a solid roof can really increase the amount of natural light that reaches the inside of the conservatory. They can be installed on both Tapco and shingle tiled roofs.

They also act as extra ventilation on those extra hot summer days - perfect to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.


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