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Amulet Bowater


JLG Windows Composite Doors Rochdale


The AMULET BOWATER composite front doors: the look of nature…the work of science


VEKA is considered the world-leader in PVC-U design and manufacture. If you invest in a VEKA home improvement, you know that you are investing in superior quality.

Constantly committed to customer satisfaction, VEKA spent over a year developing new uPVC doors and uPVC front doors range to make sure it was perfect for our customers.


'VEKA' isn't just a name, it is a symbol of outstanding quality and service - ordinary is not acceptable.


The VEKA AMULET Composite uPVC door and uPVC front doors look and feel like timber, but is actually far more advanced. A combination of materials are at work within the door to make it strong, durable and weatherproof - ensuring it will continue to perform flawlessly for years to come. Your front door is the focal point of your home and choosing the right one will not only add style but also value.  VEKA's AMULET composite door offers everything you need.

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AMULET Composite Door - Benefits


Weatherproof - no warping, twisting and splitting as with timber doors. The Amulet door will stay wind and weatherproof, with built in triple seals, throught its long life.

Low Maintenance - No need to paint or varnish the easy clean surface only requires the occassional wipe over with a damp cloth.

Energy Saving - The Amulet door has a super efficient insulating inner core.

Guarantee - The Amulet doors carry a full 10 year guarantee on the door, frame and glazing.

Secure – The Amulet door Range is designed to keep out more than just unwanted noise and the weather. This highly robust door range is equipped with Saracen Secure Hardware, including the tried and tested mortice lock linked to a highly efficient hook bolt system. And is Secured By Design

AMULET Composite Door - Security


Home security is now high among everyone’s priorities and the AMULET door is built and equipped to live up to your expectations. As well as its sturdy, high-tech construction,the door comes with exeptional guarantees on all aspects of the door.


Among all the high-tech armoury, one aspect of the AMULET’s defences is unashamedly old-fashioned. While the practice of ‘lockbumping’ means any amateur intruder can defeat most cylinder locks in seconds, the AMULET door has gone back to the age old principle of the mortice lock. Backed by an array of multipoint hook-locks, the AMULET’s locking system offers all the security a door could ever need. And is Secured By Design


AMULET Composite Door - Colours


The lustrous texture of the AMULET’s timber-grain effect is just the beginning of the look it can add to your home. Just put together its five stylish exterior colours and two woodgrain effects, 21 door designs and massive range of glazing and hardware options and you have an almost infinite variety of styles to express the individuality of you and your home. All AMULET doors come ready with frame. All doors with coloured exterior come with white interior and frame. Combination or arch options, half- and full-frame side panels are also available. All door designs are available in the colours below, so if you see a design you like but not in the colour you wanted it is available. There is too many combinations to show all designs in every colour.


Green -Red - Blue - White - Black - Oak - Rosewood

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